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32,000, Prevented 30 cases of Leg Amputation

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Diabetes and Endocrinology
Education and Diabetes management
Diabetic foot


Diabetes & ITS related Complications
Thyroid Disorders
Endocrine Disorders

Consulted By Experienced Doctor

Dr. Jaydeep has more than Eleven years of experience as a Diabetologist consultant. Founder and Chief Director of – My Diabetes Clinic – dedicated towards Diabetes & Endocrine Disorders, Dr. Jaydeep Shinde is a prominent name when it comes to diabetes and complications related to it. He specializes in three different categories such as Diabetes & ITS related Complications, Thyroid Disorders, Obesity.

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Patients Served

Leg Amputation Prevented


Years Total Experience

Our Professional Team

Dr Jaydeep Shinde

Diabetologist Consultant

Dr Megha Shinde

( Director, Tanusha Dental Care Clinic)

Vaishali Jadhav

Assistant for Appointments

Shrikant Patil

Clinical Associate & Diabetes Educator

Rajesh Bane